Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy Casual Style

It's a gorgeous day outside! It's in the high 70's to low 80's today. Nanny nanny boo boo for those of you living up north shoveling snow and wearing layers. What am I wearing? Bermuda shorts and a short sleeved light cotton tee with ballet slippers.

This made me think of some single gals I know talking about how they were wearing "mom clothes". Huh? When you think about it us moms DO have our own style. It seems to be the same style for working moms and stay at home moms. Check any kids sporting event or grocery store on the weekend. Chances are you can point out the moms. Examples: V-neck solid color shirts, solid tops with jeans, cargo pants, jogging suits/velour jogging suits (with flip flops), hand sewn clothes.

What can you do to avoid the mom look? Stay away from the mom jeans or anything with an elastic waistband. I'm sorry soccer mom or not you don't have to look like you're going to a yoga class everywhere you go! I understand comfort and ease for running around but put some thought into it.

Dark jeans, flare legged jeans, and jeans with larger back pockets are more flattering to any body shape. Try trading in the yoga pants for some cute capris, a dark khaki is durable and hides tiny handpints. Pair that with a cute tee and don't forget to accesorize! Recently I started wearing my earrings and necklaces again. Yes sometimes I have to wrestle the 9 month old off of them but boy do I look cute. Put forth a little effort. A happy mom makes a happy family.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

**New web site*

I stumbled across this new website for parents. IT IS HILARIOUS! Some of the articles I just read are titled "10 Reasons I Hate My Kids", "Six Reasons My Toddler Is Kind of An A**hole", "I Forced My Kid Into Her Car Seat WWE Style". *LMFAO* It's called momlogic. I am definitely subscribing.

SMS the Yahoo Group

Single Mama Sunshine is coming to a city near you. Ok well we're starting off in Orlando, FL but who knows maybe one day there will be a Single Mama Big Apple (NY) or a Single Mama Peaches (GA).

Me & my friend Dimples as she's known in the blog community have always talked about how we want to meet like-minded single moms. You know, the moms who are heavily involved in their kids' lives and who are climbing that ladder of success one rung at a time with a crying, Nickelodeon watching weight strapped to our backs.

Please join. We are going to have so much fun and learn a lot in the process. If you don't live in the Orlando area join anyways we will have weekly online chat meetings. Hey, sometimes it's hard to get out of the house, we understand! To subscribe see the link in the links panel on the right of the Single Mama Sunshine Blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Testing Season

For those of us with children in school this is the season of evaluation. Standardized tests, writing prompts, middle-end of the year benchmarks, and the overall evaluation of promotion begins now. My oldest is very serious about his grades (he's in 2nd grade) so he's already thinking about getting to the 3rd grade and asks me and his teachers everyday if he will promote. *Time out to brag: he got straight A's on last report card and reads on a 4th grade level and is on level with math. There's nothing for him to worry about.*

What can we do to help our little learners? For starters instill a love of learning and a want to achieve. Make it fun and importnant. This is a very important
step because the kids will keep up with their grades and assignments and take charge of their academic lives. Next stay in contact with the school and you child's teachers. This way you will know if any important tests are coming up, any homework that is due and you can get informal updates on yuor child's progress. Plus this will make the teacher feel good believe it or not. It's nice to hear from a concerned parent. This Another thing i have found that helps is rest! Did you know that a child age 6-9 needs 10 hours of sleep per night? A teen requires 8.5 to 9 hours.If not properly rested he/she may have problems focusing, staying awake, even behavior problems. After you child gets his/her rest eat breakfast. Wake up 20 min early to whip something up really quick. Remember to devote an extra 10-15 for eating breakfast before you leave. Study with your child.

Offer to quiz them on spelling or vocabulary words or for older kids read over their outlines or quiz on important dates/terms.
We as parents/caretakers are our children's first teachers and biggest advocate. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in
the same is true when it comes to our children.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Step / I'm Getting What I Want

This is a 2-parter:
First step.
I am proud of myself. I was just reading through my online class syllabus and didn't really get what I'm supposed to do. Is it self paced? There are no due dates on assignments. Does it require classroom time? Where can I go for the classroom time? So guess what I did??....... I emailed my professor and ASKED her! Common sense right? "The Old Karla" would've just guessed and stressed and tried to figure it out for herself, which only hurts her in the end. One baby step at a time when u wana change. YAY ME!!
I'm Getting What I Want
Why the hell not? Why should any of us accept or go for something you don't even want? I'm unofficially switching my major to Early Childhood (whatever the official name is) by taking classes in that subject this semester. Right now my major is Elementary Ed, what's the diff? Elem. Ed is grades K-6, Early Childhood is ages 3-3rd grade. Why? Because I actually like working with wee ones. They are learning how to speak correctly, proper ettiquete like eating at the table, waiting in line, sitting still, and personal tasks like getting dressed, etc. So it's something minor but if I'm gona do it might as well do what i like. Right? Right! BUT this is my plan B.
My real goal is to start taking science classes at Seminole CC and see where that takes me. I should be ready/apply to enter a health field major by spring 2010. Yes, I know. Tried it before. Im a more hands on person. This is actually something I'm good at. When I take my kids to the doctor they ask if I'm in the medical profession because I know so much. There's more I need to learn like pharmacology and brush up on my anatomy but I'm ready.
Finding a sitter is gona be hell for all the school work and classes. But where there's a will there's a way.

~Complete winter semester at Nova, complete internship class with better grade in case I want to return to Nova for healthcare
~Apply and pick classes EARLY to SCC for Summer A and B, then Fall 09 so I can pick a schedule that works for me, no left over Friday night classes till 11pm for me!
~Work and save now as much as possible so I can FOCUS on classes
~MUST earn As in science classes to ensure acceptance into program of MY CHOICE. Location and cost is an issue because of the kids.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas in October

I just found THE best way to get your kids a lot of "new toys" and spend practically nothing. Brace yourselves..... BY NEW BATTERIES! Chile! I just bought a 24 pack of AA batteries and a 10 pack of C batteries. (of course they weren't energizer but a decent, cheaper brand *wink*) You would've thought it was Christmas. My boys were all so excited to play with their old toys.

Have you ever noticed that once a toy runs out of batteries the child wants nothing to do with it anymore? Have you also noticed that adults hardly ever replace them? Even in daycares they have all these cool battery operated toys that flash and sing and dance, etc but basically NONE of them are in working order. Sure if the occasional toy runs out I might put new ones in. Now I've decided that I'm going to buy a big pack a few times a year and keep on top of making sure every toy has enough juice to run. I mean if they're just sitting there not only is that now a waste of money but it's cluttering up your home.

Try it. Your kids will thank me for it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to School

It's been a while since school started. I just wanted to update you guys. I started school to obtain my Master's degree in August. I decided that I need the proper training if I'm going to switch career fields and do something I totally didn't go to college for. Plus a master degree will give me $4-6K extra each year. Every little bit helps. These children are expensive!

I love it! This term I'm doing online classes. There is so much to learn, I'm loving it. I'm such a nerd. I read, work, take the kids to doctor appointments, and take care of business and our home during them day. Then I have the evenings to have fun with the kids. I admit its hard to stay on top of the housework. I'm a bit overwhelmed with that, but I have a plan to eliminate my clutter and make money at the same time. Craigslist and Ebay are being good to me. This is a good place for us. If I had jumped into a new career with all these damn boys I'd loose my ever-lovin' mind!

Eye Candy 4 the Single Mom--Album Review

Finally Entertainers we grown and sexy women can lust after without robbing the cradle. Have you ever had that creepy feeling because you think an entertainer is cute and you have "thoughts" for a split second but they are a minor, or just barely legal? (Chris Brown a few years ago, LOL) Yea I said it...and what?!? I know y'all thinking the same thing! :op

I can't hide it anymore. I have been listening to the New Kids on The Block, reunion album The Block for a few weeks now. Before you clown me you should check it out. I guarantee that you will be nodding your head and/or singing along before song 4.

This album is basically a GOOD R&B album with hints of pop. The Block starts off with the Sexy 'Click Click'. There seems to be a grown and sexy theme to the album. There is even a song called 'Big Girl' and 'Grown Man' where they sing "I'ma give you some grown man" Ooooh they know just what to say, give it to me daddies. lol. Who knew 5 white guys knocking on middle age's door could be so sexy? Ok 3, Danny and Jonathon arne't quite there yet. Sorry guys. There are a few tracks 'Click Click', 'Stare at You', 'Don't Cry' that are worthy of bedroom rotation if u know what I mean. *wink wink*

So far the two singles released 'Summertime' an upbeat r&b/pop song and 'Single' featuring Neyo are doing very well on the charts despite not getting the radio and television play they deserve. So there are other closet fans besides me. *phew*

They have tried to reunite a few times before but couldn't get everyone on board at the same time. You can tell a lot of money went into this project. Producers include Polow da Don, Neyo, Teddy Riley. Featured artists include Pussy Cat Dolls, Neyo, Akon. Hey if one of the biggest boy bands of all time reunite you gotta do it right. Right? Well in my opinion they did.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be Careful When You Pamper

Just because you're a single parent doesn't mean you don't need time out for yourself. Eventually you need a break and/or you crave doing something for yourself. I noticed that the easiest way many women pamper themselves, mom and non-moms, is going to the local salon and getting a mani-pedi. It's quick at about an hour or two per visit, reasonably priced for having someone rub on your achey feet and hands, and you can go with your girlfriends, chat, and not lift a finger.

This was my treat to myself yesterday. I got a pedicure. However after seeing a former helath inspector on a Rachel Ray segment I watched the workers more carefully. If you watch carefully they usually aren't very sanitary AT ALL.

I started watching becuase there was an older gentleman getting his pedicure right next to me. He kept groaning and "ouching" saying things like "don't touch that, that's painful, it's called a 'planter's wart'". Ummm ew! I didn't want to get infected with his "warts". lol I remember them saying most nail techs will reuse products that should be discarded after ONE use. Emory boards are not reusable in a nail salon. Think about it. They're sloughing off dead skin, cuticles, and people's nail shavings. Well another tech finished before the one doing Grandpa's nails but tried the same tricks. She reached for my foot out of the water and low and behold pulled out a still-wet-from-the-lady-she-finished-5 minutes ago emory board. I snatched my foot up and said "Mam that one is dirty can you use a new one". They know better they are trying to save money. She put the file down and started scraping my heels (with a tool that didn't come out of barbicide). I let that one slide becuase the tool was shiny and clean. When she finished she picked up the same emory board. I reminded her that I needed a new one. The look in her eyes was like she realized she wasn't going to get away with this one. My pedicure looks cute. I got the white tips. No time for the manicure, even though I wanted one SO BAD. I had to rush home to get my oldest son from the bus.

Here are a few things you should watch out for when at a nail salon:

1.BARBICIDE! All tools being used should be stored in this. Fully covered. This is a disinfectant. This includes metal objects AND brushes.

2.New items. Emory boards, pumice stones, toe separators, the sandals they give you while your feet dry, nails (of course), etc. These things should not be reused. Basic rule is if it didn't come out of the barbicide holder it shouldn't be reused.

3. Clean pedicure basin. All the dirt and dead skin that comes off I certainly don't want a strangers pedicure residue all over my own feet. Look to see if the workers clean the basin and chair right after they finish with a client. This should be done with hot water and a disinfectant. If they don't go to another nail salon.

4. Constant cleaning. Maybe the nail techs clean their equipment and basins at noon and after the store closes. Not good enough! These practices should be done after each and every client.

5. Face masks. I don't know if they are required by law. I think this is a nice touch and have seen some places use surgical masks when giving you a manicure. After all they are right up in your face, breathing on your face and hands. Then again, the masks take away from the spa-like peacful feeling.

Some of the dangers of letting poor hygenie slide at a nail salon: you can catch a fungus, athlete's food, staph infection, contact with fecal matter, E. Coli, various bacterias, contact with human blood (from the tools very common) and many other pathogens.

Who knew getting your main-pedi was this big of a deal? Well frankly it disgusts me and I'd like to see changes. They know better because they get inspected frequently. Next time watch your nail artist carefully. When you see unclean hygeine practices just ask for the appropriate practice politely. Usually they will fix it immediately. If they try to argue just leave, the above fungi and conditions aren't worth it! Pamper yourself safely.

Remember as a single mother you have to take extra care of yourself so in turn you can take care of your children!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Smashing Mama

My friend won tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins concert for Friday that just passed. *Keyword won so free fun. :-D

Anyway. I just wanted to share that for only the second time in what I estimate to be around 14 months I went night...without any children. So that fact alone made it tons of fun. It has also been at least 7 years since I went to a rock concert. The music was good and because they're a *ahem* more established band the crowd was mostly my age (mid-20s) and up. Which is good because I think I'd feel weird going out and partying with a bunch of 18 year olds at this point in my life. My friend wanted to go backstage and we could've gotten in but I was like, umm no. I had a drink too?!? WHAT! Y'all may have started something by getting me out of the house. :op Naw, but all in all I had a nice night with no worries looooved it.